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Defining Cyber Security

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Secure Network Communications
Secure access to online data and services, free from threats. Available from any device, including smartphones and tablets. Read more


Enhanced Authentication
Unique image-based login method, equivalent to remembering a series of 100,000 character one-time passcodes. Read more


Secure Internet Access
Secure, personal Internet access over public WiFi, 3G, 4G networks...


Secure Web Access
Trusted app securing access to a single service, any device, any network...


Secure E-mail Access
Safe access to e-mail from mobile devices, across any network...


Trusted Apps
Powerful SDK to enable mobile apps for accessing ACN protected services...

The ACN Secure Communications System delivers a Simple, Secure, Strong method for protecting online communications, from any device or application, to any service and across any network.

Simple - What if you could login to various online services using a password that was very easy to remember, easy to enter on a small smartphone screen, and at the same time be very secure? Instead of having to recall a 20-character password, which includes case sensitive letters, digits and even punctuation marks, or worse still - having to write it down on a piece of paper, you could select some images that you recognise instead? Well now you can... Something very easy to remember and even easier to use. MHI has developed a unique picture-based login method, that allows users to select a password from a defined set of images.

Secure - What then if your password and user details were never sent when logging in to a service? ACN's technology makes it possible to do strong authentication, without ever sending login credentials across the network, based on a unique cryptographic approach. But why stop at Authentication? The answer is we don't - ACN's technology secures the full session (authentication and service data) end-to-end, combining encryption and authentication as part of a secure communications protocol.

Strong - And what if you could remember a passcode that was over 100,000 characters long? More than that, something equivalent to a different 100,000 character passcode every time you logged in? That does away with conventional usernames and passwords? Not only is the ACN approach based on a simple user experience and a secure communications mechanism, it delivers extremely strong authentication based on something that only the user can select, from the right device and in the appropriate context.

ACN develops intellectual property, technology and products, for securing network communications. Solutions are delivered by way of strategic partners - for more details please visit our Partners page or our Contact page.