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eagle-iconEagle Enhanced Authentication

Eagle is ACN’s core technology based on the company’s patent pending Secure Authentication Protocol. Eagle is an extension to the core Hawk technology, and uses a form of image-based login as a superior alternative to username & passcode, token or one-time PIN entry. Eagle provides the equivalent of a one-time 100,000+ character passcode, each time the user logs in. These login credentials are also never transmitted.


Imagine that you could login to any online service using a password that was very easy to remember, easy to enter on a small smartphone screen and at the same time be very secure? So instead of having to recall a long password, which includes case sensitive letters, digits, punctuation marks, or worse still - having to write it down on a piece of paper, what if you could select some images that you recognise instead? Well now you can... Something this is very easy to remember and even easier to use. MHI has developed a unique picture-based login method, that allows users to select a password from a defined set of images. 

What sort of images? It could be something like a keypad for entering a PIN, or a set of easily recognised symbols, landmarks, shapes, personalities, etc. In addition, to make it even more personal, why not a collection of friends' pictures from your Facebook account or your own photo album? You could tell a social engineering hacker what your password is, but that would do them no good at all! Alice in dark glasses, Bob with a beard - something only you recognise!

With Eagle, the images are always changing as part of the underlying protocol implementation. The user is selecting something that looks the same, but the pixels that make up each image are subtly changed at every login. Each picture contains thousands of pixels, which makes for a very long and different passcode every time.

Eagle is implemented as a client-server system, comprising server side gateways and a platform agnostic client engine (see the Hawk technology page for more details).

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