ACN Secure - An MSC Status Company

Defining Cyber Security



ACN provides a set of standard applications that extend upon the core Technology of Hawk & Eagle, to deliver additional out-of-the-box features and end-user interfaces for accessing secured web sites, email or Internet services. 3rd party applications are easily enabled by way of a powerful SDK (Software Development Kit).


Secure Internet Access (SIA)
A client-server application that delivers secure Internet access over public WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE or any wireless networks, from mobile as well as PC/laptop devices, protecting against wireless-based attacks on users.


Secure Web Access (SWA)
A client application that provides secure browser access to protected web services, without the use of URLs, DNS, certificates, tokens, smartcards or other measures.


Secure E-mail Access (SEA)
An easy-to-use client application that leverages the core Eagle technology to provide safe, strongly authenticated access to protected email services, particularly from mobile devices.


Software Development Kit (SDK)
Powerful tools to enable developers to integrate 3rd party client apps for accessing services secured with MHI core Hawk / Eagle technologies.

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