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Defining Cyber Security


swa-iconSecure Web Access

ACN has developed Secure Web Access (SWA), a dedicated browser-based app that protects access to online web applications that are secured by ACN core server technology. The SWA system allows online services to front end their services with ACN’s secure gateways and to distribute client apps to their users. Users simply run the app and login, to enjoy totally secure and fully authenticated access to the protected web service. The SWA system requires no certificates, smartcards or tokens in order to operate, however it is fully compatible with such legacy measures also.


Key points about SWA:

  • Secure user access to web applications
  • Simple, easy to use apps on any device
  • No address bar, persisted cookies, etc.
  • No certificates or tokens
  • No changes needed to back-end service
  • Locked down to system-defined endpoint
  • Stops social engineering, identity theft, banking Trojans and network-based threats

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