ACN Secure - An MSC Status Company

Defining Cyber Security



ACN develops core enabling technology for securing network communications, based on a number of worldwide patent pending methods. Constructed around a highly scalable framework and a device / protocol agnostic design, ACN’s technology is engineered to easily integrate with existing backend services and client applications.

ACN’s core technology makes it possible to secure communications between users and services, across any network, from any type of device, including tablets and smartphones. ACN’s technology is easy to use, deploy, manage, and requires no changes to end service applications in order to operate. 

The ACN suite includes two related technologies:


Hawk Secure Communications
A client-server system that delivers strong mutual authentication and encryption of the entire user session, as part of a single secure communications protocol, from any device, app, network or service.


Eagle Enhanced Authentication
Enhanced authentication option, based on the use of images, equivalent to a user remembering and entering a series of different 100,000+ character passcodes.

In general, ACN technology ensures the integrity of communications between services and their users, delivering:

  • enhanced protection against all forms of online threats
  • strong multi-factor authentication
  • end-to-end encryption of all data in transit
  • freedom from certificates and tokens
  • fine-grained, rules based access control
  • simplified management and deployment options
  • easy integration with client applications and back-end services
  • support for mobile and non-traditional devices
  • transparent support for web, email, messaging and other application data formats

For further information about ACN's technology or to book a demonstration, please visit our Contact Us page.